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Bali Kratom       

Welcome to our wholesale Bali Kratom.  We proudly are offering the most potent and pure Bali Kratom.  Our Bali Kratom is 100% pure and organic..

Please note that 1 capsule is equal to one gram.  Don't be fooled by buying 500 mg or 750 mg capsules and thinking you got a deal.  Add up the grams.  The quality of  our product extends from the high quality kratom to the attractive packaging.  We encourage you to place our Bali Kratom against your very best selling Kratom.  You will see a decided difference in the sales.  More importantly, this brand helps you to retain your customer and grow your customer base.  People become very loyal to the Royal Kratom Brand.

Bali Kratom 40 Caps
MSRP $38 Wholesale $19.00 x 12 = $228.00


Sample Bali Kratom 40 Caps
40 Caps = 40 Grams

Bali Kratom 20 Caps
MSRP $22.00 Wholesale $11.00 X 12 = $132.00


Sample Bali Kratom 20 Caps

Sample Bali 20 Caps


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